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Video Game Design

Want to conquer the universe? Slay trolls and goblins? Run for president? The video game industry is the new frontier of entertainment. With annual revenues reaching $14 billion, SE Michigan companies like Stardock, Critical Moves and Reactor Zero are looking to get in on the action. Keep watching, Michigan's next Big Three may very well be virtual.



Beyond Gaming Turns Video Game Competitions Into Cash

Some people take video games like Madden 360 and Call Of Duty very seriously. As seriously as say, golfers, pool hustlers, and card sharks. But how do online gamers put their money where their joystick is? Royal Oak's Beyond Gaming makes that possible. 

U-M Dearborn's Virtual Game Face

The future is both virtual and digital. With computer gaming quickly becoming the cultural and technological linchpin to modern society (it's a $10 billion business), U-M Dearborn has developed a highly respected program that is turning out the next generation of game coders.

We Got Game

We've come a long way from the days of Pac-Man and Space Invaders. Computer games brought in $14 billion in revenue last year and several Michigan companies are claiming their stake in this ever-expanding technology.
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