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Homeland Security

W Industries
W Industries
With over $5.8 billion in military contracts in 2009, Southeast Michigan is still America's "Arsenal Of Democracy". Metro Detroit is home to everything from tank-makers General Dynamics to Warren's TARDEC campus to Ann Arbor's Adaptive Materials, which makes alternative fuel cells for troops.

Homeland Security Features

The Armory For Democracy Goes Suburban

War is hell. It's also very profitable for some Metro Detroit suburbs. Billions of dollars in defense contracts are pouring into communities like Troy, Sterling Heights, Warren and Ann Arbor, and the companies there are finding new jobs for auto engineers who are willing to adapt.

The Evolution Of Metro Community Colleges

Metro area community colleges have been remarkably adept at meeting the needs of Michigan's developing knowledge-based economy. From green building to biotechnology to the state's burgeoning film industry, these formerly belittled schools are delivering a timely education at an affordable price. And given their growing enrollment numbers, students are catching on.

Michigan's Special Ops

Atten-hut! There's no camouflaging it southeast Michigan is a bustling base of operations for businesses supplying all branches of the armed forces. Meet robot simulators, holographic weapon sights, and a fuel cell innovator on Metromode's first tour of duty.

The Michigan Growth Capital Symposium: More Than Money

Like American Idol, each year local startups strut their stuff at the Michigan Growth Capital Symposium, presenting in 'lightning round' pitch sessions for the attention of venture capital managers and angel investors. But support can mean more than just a quick infusion of cash, it can also spell success for Michigan's economy.

The Business of Learning

Detroit's entrepreneurial incubator, TechTown, is more than a place to just do good business. From top to bottom, grade school to post-grad, it's also about the business of learning.
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Homeland Security Blogs

Amy Courter

When it comes to the forefront of scientific, technical, and leadership roles, women are still running in place, for the most part. Civil Air Patrol Major General Amy Courter, president of the Michigan chapter of Women in Defense, writes this week on how more women can achieve line positions in Michigan's burgeoning defense industry.

Doug Rothwell

Metromode's guest blogger this week is Doug Rothwell, president of Detroit Renaissance. Here's what he has to say about transforming the region's economy.
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