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SE Michigan is home to billion dollar ad agencies like Campell-Ewald (the country's 6th largest) as well as small creative powerhouses like Ann-Arbor based Perich and Partners. Selling more than just horseless carriages, the region's 50+ agencies have developed ad campaigns for everything from Levi's to Target, Honey Baked Hams to Kentucky Fried Chicken, Netflix to The Navy. Whether its television, print, radio or Internet, these firms are plugged into the global marketplace.

Advertising Features

Dearborn's Carhartt takes their rugged brand to a worldwide audience

For 125 years Carhartt has made clothing for blue collar professionals, developing a strong reputation for reliability and durability - features the fashion industry has rarely celebrated. But with a growing appreciation for craftsmanship - particularly among millennials - the  Dearborn-based company has found a new and enthusiastic audience.

Toby Barlow sinks his teeth into the local ad industry

The auto industry has rebounded but the ad industry is in a state of flux. So what does that mean for metro Detroit firms? Metromode sits down with Team Detroit's Toby Barlow to get his thoughts on where things are, where they're headed, and how local agencies fit in.

Cool Jobs: Iain Lanivich, Creative Director

Consider it a sign of the times. Lowe Campbell Ewald got its start as a Detroit ad agency back in 1911, relocated to the suburbs in 1978, then moved back to Motown last month. Creative Director Iain Lanivich wasn't only excited about the move, he created a video love letter to Detroit that ended up going viral. He heads to SX*SW next month to talk about the virtues of living and working in the D.

Yessian: Making Music You Can't Get Out Of Your Head

From jingles to mash-ups, family-owned Yessian Music in Farmington Hills has been creating soundtracks for commercials, theme parks, movies, and high profile events for 40 years. This year's Super Bowl, which boasted five different ads with their work, demonstrates the ever-growing global reach of this homegrown firm.

Embracing Change: A Q&A with Marcie Brogan

From the smokey cocktail parties of the '60s to the caffeine and Facebook fueled world of the Internet, advertising exec Marcie Brogan has seen it all. More importantly, she has embraced rather than resisted the inevitable changes in her industry. Metromode chats with her about the state of Metro Detroit's advertising firms -- past and present.
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Advertising Blogs

Iain Lanivich

Iain Lanivich is a Digital Creative Director for Campbell-Ewald, directing all phases of creative work from concept development through production. He has also played the Detroit hard rock scene for the last 10+ years as a singer.  Iain believes it's a small world so you better start networking. He'll be writing about finding and keeping talent in Detroit.

Eric Bruneau

Eric Bruneau is the executive vice president and creative director of Armstrong White. An Academy Award nominated computer animator, Eric is also an entrepreneur and award winning digital creative director. He'll be writing about why Metro Detroit is full of opportunities for people in his field.

Terry Oprea

Terrence Oprea is the President and CEO of Mort Crim Communications and a 30-year veteran of broadcast television and radio programming. Along with his numerous awards (including local Emmy's and the National Headliner Awards), hes presided over New Media content initiatives for online corporate communications in a variety of fields. Terry will be writing about the changes and challenges traditional media faces as technology and the Internet rewrite many of the rules.
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Advertising Videos

The "D" Show

Graphic artists, designers, producers, advertisers and other Detroit creatives gathered a few weeks ago to celebrate local innovation. Metromode brings you Model D TV's recap of their first ever D Show.

Campbell Ewald

As the 6th largest ad agency in the country, Campbell-Ewald believes its Detroit roots stoke the engines of creativity and give it industrial strength ideas.


EPrize has been part of what founder and CEO Josh Linkner calls a "reverse brain drain," attracting employees from the coasts to work at the Internet promotion agency. Watch their story here.
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