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Computer Science
Computer Science
With local companies boasting double digit growth, SE Michigan not only has IT, it's going to get a lot more of IT. If you haven't heard of TechTeam, AMI Strategies, Red Level Networks or Netlink Software then you haven't been paying attention. IT firms intend to triple employment over the next five years, paving the way for Michigan's high tech future.

IT Features

How to make metro Detroit a destination, not a point of departure, for foreign-born talent

Southeast Michigan attracts an impressive number of foreign-born residents and, as a result, entrepreneurs. But unlike most other metro regions, assimilation rather than ethnic enclaves is the rule of thumb. 

OpEd: Why Oakland County Needs More Global Firms

As part of its efforts to attract more firms to the region over the last several years, Oakland County has been venturing way beyond its backyard. Irene Spanos, director of the Oakland County Dept. of Economic Development & Community Affairs, explains why the county needs to include the entire world within its 908-square-mile boundary.

Guest Blogger: Irene Spanos

Communications and IT have become the fastest-growing sector in Oakland County in recent years, according to Irene Spanos, director of the Oakland County Dept. of Economic Development & Community Affairs. She talks about why tech entrepreneurs are arriving – and staying – in the county.

Guest Blogger: Carrie Jones

Not long ago, Michigan start-ups just weren't getting the venture capital love. No more. Carrie Jones, president of the Michigan Venture Capital Association, discusses the state's big climb in the national VC rankings, and why start-ups are moving to Michigan.

The Entrepreneurial Life (So Far) of Paul Chambers

From IT to popcorn, 29-year-old Paul Chambers has had more than just a kernel of success. This co-founder and CEO of Core3 Solutions and owner of two Dale & Thomas Popcorn franchises has had entrepreneurship running through his veins since age five.
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IT Blogs

Ryan Anderson

Be territorial with your money. That's the mantra of software consultant Ryan Anderson, creator of the Buy Michigan Products.com website and organizer of the recent Buy Michigan Expo. This week, he'll discuss why consumers should shop Michigan first and will also advise area businesses on how to manage their web presence.

Zach Lipson

Leave it to an entrepreneur to know the importance of good relationships. Zach Lipson is the founder of the of relationship advice website Leftos.com (LEssons For The Opposite Sex) and co-organizer of TechNow 09, a widely attended conference for technology start-ups. Zach will be writing about the how and why behind TechNow.

Thomas Meloche

Thomas Meloche has been an entrepreneur for as long as he can remember. A native Detroiter and UofM grad, he co-founded, managed, and sold nine different start-ups in Michigan over 20 years, including the professional service firm, Menlo Innovations LLC. He is currently President of Procuit (pronounced Pro-Q-It) Inc. Thomas will be writing about untapped Michigan potential, and more importantly, how to tap it!
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IT Videos

The Importance of Small and Mid-Sized Companies

Metro Detroit IT companies are growing in leaps and bounds. And if you've been keeping up with our Jobs News section you'll know that a lot of their clients are small and mid-sized companies. GOOD chats with IBM about why the success of our economy will be determined by these companies and why IT helps them thrive.
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